Alex Nekipelov

Year of Birth: 1983.


C++/rust backend developer for Linux

Key skills and competencies

Work experience

Team leader, rust team
April 2020 - now

Created a new team rust and front-end developers. We maked together:

1. Video surveillance system for more then 10k of cameras. It consumes video stream from cameras, writes a video archive (several months, as long as there is enough space on servers allocated for storage), providing convenient and fast navigation through the archive: selection of any moment in time, screenshots on the timeline, fast playback, export part of video for incident investigation. Viewing live broadcasts from cameras via webrtc. Authentication and access control to cameras and directories.

2. We are currently working on an object storage with S3 protocol project. Key requirements from management:

Technologies used: rust (almost all components are written in this language), C++ (not much, only part of the video surveillance system that works directly with video, rtsp and webrtc), clickhouse, postgresql, rtsp, webrtc.
Platform: Linux

Mail.Ru Group
Team leader, antispam team
October 2015 - April 2020

Worked on the log user actions aggregation system (for offline analysis), looks alike Scribe with advanced features. The flow is more than 10 Gb of logs per minute.

Worked on the user behavior statisctics aggregation system (for real-time service use). The system aggregated and provided information on each: user action, IP address, domain, sender/receiver. More then 1 000 000 request per minute.

Worked on the antispam service. The service is the client/server application wich receives messages from client for spam/not spam analysis with the help of business logic, which was coded in Lua by antispam-analysts. It serves the (the largest mail service in Russia), My World (social network), Mail Agent (IM and VoIP) and ICQ messenger. Message flow is 50-100k messages per second.

Technologies: Linux, C++, memcached, tarantool, MySQL, lua, hadoop, hdfs, hypertable, riak

LLC "Sputnik"
Team leader, backend services team
December 2013 - October 2015

At first time: development of backend services (weather, TV listing, finance) for the search system Sputnik.

After 4 months: team leader of services "Medicine" ( and "My Home" (

Within a year: team leader of the distributed ranking algorithm project (Page Rank) on the web graph. And search widgets project.

Technologies: Linux, C++, redis, PostgreSQL, Map/Reduce, hadoop, hbase, hdfs, zookeeper.

LLC "Vipole"
Senior developer
March 2012 - November 2013

Desing and development of server for instance messaging, video, audio calls and conferencies.

I’ve done:

Technologies: Linux, C++, redis, mongodb, asynchronous

Team leader
April 2005 - March 2012

Design and development of kernel ERP (WMS, CRM) of the system EME DB. This system is the client/server distributed platform which includes database, HTTP server, GUI editor, internal programming language, SQL-like queries, report engine.

Optimization of many features. Implemented internal code profiler, interface testing system, porting to Linux.